Photoshopped Animals Made To Look Like Minecraft Creatures

We could fill a book or two with the things we would give our back teeth to conjure from our favorite video games into the everyday real world.

Blue hedgehogs that piss on the sound barrier, would do things no mother wants to imagine just to get their hands on one ordinary golden ring, and go Super Saiyan when they get ahold of seven pretty emeralds? The cats-versus-dog debate just closed. Put us down for “mega-rodent.”

Fat mustachioed plumbers that punt turtles, beat down giant reptiles and have a serious jones for mushrooms? Sweet Jesus, did we go to the wrong vocational school. If we had known plumbers could turn themselves into flying half-racoon heroes and ride around on adorably gluttonous dinosaurs while our girlfriends made us cakes, you all might have had to find a few other schmucks to preach the good news about iPhone-mounted vibrators and beer infused with a model’s vaginally bacteria.

Yes, we love you, video games. We want to be inside you, or find a way to get you inside us. In the meantime, we also have to break some bad news to Indonesian artist Aditya Aryanto and his “Minecraft”-style manipulation of photos of real mind-bendingly sweet animals: the nod goes to Mother Nature on this one. That was a fine effort, but she made the right call by sketching out a cat’s body not to look like fur and skin stretched over building blocks. We know we’re picky, but it’s just a hangup of ours that we prefer our pets without too many perpendicular edges.

Source – Facebook

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