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Birds With Arms Compilation Is Flocking Ridiculous

Ever seen a bird? Sure you have! Seen one in the last hour? Unless you live under a rock, probably so! Did it make you laugh? Unless you got lucky and spotted ...

Photoshopped Animals Made To Look Like Minecraft Creatures

We could fill a book or two with the things we would give our back teeth to conjure from our favorite video games into the everyday real world. Blue ...

41 Animal Hybrid Photoshop Creations Will Blow Your Mind

Photoshop is awesome software that has affected the planet and the Internet in many fascinating and strange ways, such as when Kim Kardashian tried to break ...

Amazing Hybrid Animal Food Mashups Shows You Are What You Eat

Get ready to have your sense of reality warped into a new dimension.  An artist named Sarah deRemer did a study of mashing animals with their favorite foods ...

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