Gameboy iPhone Case Is A Functioning Retro Gameboy With Games

We all remember the good old days. Well, some of us anyway. Instead of playing high res games on an LED touchscreen, we played Tetris and Tank on a pixelated screen with analog buttons. That’s right, we’re talking classic Gameboy games, now accessible in an iPhone case. And you thought you never put your phone down now… just wait!

This unique iPhone case from Wanle combines the benefits of having a protected case on your smartphone and the fun of a retro handheld game system. It is compatible (choose the size you need) with iPhones 6 all the way through the brand new iPhone X and will keep a secure hold on your device. Easy installation instructions ensure that you have no trouble putting on and removing the case. It gives you access to all of your phone’s buttons, microphones, speakers, cameras, and headphone jacks, all while protecting it with a strong, lightweight plastic frame. You’ll be the envy of all your friends, and then you’ll turn it on.

The case comes preloaded with 10 classic games, including: Tetris, Tank, F1 Racing, Snake & Block, and more! You’ll have a blast on the subway or in the waiting room taking a step back in time to some classic favorites. The buttons of the case are slightly raised to give you the authentic shape and feel of playing a retro Gameboy system. You’ll walk around with a smile on your face and a pocket full of nostalgia with this unique iPhone case.

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A blast from the past!

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