Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skull Is The Creepy, Cool, Edible Treat For You

So, you’re hosting a Halloween party? Or you just have a taste for the unique and unexpected? Maybe you just have a taste for really good chocolate? Whatever your reason, this 100% correct anatomically correct chocolate skull is sure to put a smile on yours. Sure, you could go buy a cheap cartoony chocolate skull, but why do that when you can get one that is identical to the real one inside your head?

The anatomically correct chocolate skull from BlackChocolateCo is made in a mold that was cast from a real human skull. Yes, a real human skull. Don’t ask us how they got it, we just know that it makes a good looking piece of chocolate art! Choose from three flavors to enjoy your skull in, including: Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chili chocolate (semi-sweet with a hint of spicy chili). Each skull is handmade and finished before being dusted with cocoa powder to give it a “just out of the ground” feel. For the vegan skull-lovers, both the dark and chili chocolate skull options are suitable for eating.

BlackChocolateCo says that your chocolate skull is edible for up to 6 months after shipping if kept in a cool, dry environment. Or, put it in a case and display it forever. You’ll have a hard time resisting the luscious Belgian chocolate that makes up this anatomical treat. Since each skull is handmade, each one is unique and has a very realistic feel and charm. Regardless of what you need an anatomic chocolate skull for, this one is unmatched in both taste and shape.

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