Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Mug Gives You Infinite Power Over The Universe And Your Morning Coffee

Queue the evil laugh as you finish taking over the universe. Putting mortals back in their place and managing a galaxy of your inferiors sure sucks the energy right out of you. Whether it’s in the office or in your massive spacecraft, the best way to refresh after a long day of being the supreme ruler is with a hot cup of coffee. With this Thanos Infinity Gauntlet mug, harness the limitless power of caffeine and keep on smiting the underlings.

Drinking from a normal, plain mug does no justice to an all powerful ruler like you. Fortunately, this mug is anything but plain. Grip the sizeable handle and hoist the gauntlet up to your mouth to take a long draught of your favorite beverage. A shiny gold finish makes it stand out from the peasant mugs you see around the office and gives it a regal appearance. To save you the hassle of battling entire worlds around the universe to find them, all six infinity stones are already embedded in the gauntlet. Fill yourself with unlimited power.

For collectors and die hard fans, this mug is also officially licensed Marvel merchandise. No fakes here, just the real deal (*does not contain the real infinity stones… sorry to disappoint). Never face defeat again with this cup in your hand, just the sweet rush of unlimited power and caffeine. May I interest you in a beverage, supreme ruler?

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Infinite power over your beverages!

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