Guardians of the Galaxy Geeki Tiki Collection Has Us Dreaming Of A Hawaiian GotG Crossover

Not that we had forgotten, but multiple viewings of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” have reminded us that it would be no stretch to imagine Star-Lord and his company of deadly misfits feeling footloose and fancy-free during some downtime at a backyard luau here on Earth.

In fact, we have to think Marvel’s most unlikely cosmic saviors would find these ThinkGeek-exclusive “Guardians of the Galaxy” Geek Tiki mugs downright flattering. The laid-back and sometimes downright clumsy shenanigans of Peter Quill leave us with a hunch we’ll feel downright disappointed if the final Avengers cinematic adventure doesn’t end with the two teams belting out karaoke over umbrella-festooned tropical beverages to celebrate a universe well saved.

Just imagine it. Groot and Hulk would be conversing in the corner for hours at a time and never exchange more than 20 unique words. Quill and Tony Stark would drunkenly mack on Gamora and Nebula until the sisters unquestioningly accepted the appeal of lesbianism. Meanwhile, Rocket Racoon would chill in the corner cajoling Thor and Drax into drinking, fighting and making their ancestors proud while Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye polish up their LinkedIn profiles to network their way into this “Justice League” they keep hearing so much about.

Oh, well. Nerds with overactive imaginations can dream. Still, the dreaming gets all the sweeter when melted into by the pool with up to 14 ounces of our favorite chilly adult libations poured into Drax, Gamora, Groot, Baby Groot and Star-Lord for our blurry enjoyment. They’re one big dysfunctional family and we wouldn’t have them any other way but so delightfully tacky and adorable together.

The mercenaries who could just about kill each other together, stay together. Something like that, right?

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