IZIVIBE Is A Smart iPhone Case Sex Toy For Idle Hands

If you have doubts about your iPhone’s screen protector, this might be an opportune time to remedy that.

The IZIVIBE is one small step for dildos, and one sensibly sized phallus to make the horrified ghost of Steve Jobs wail, “What in every kingdom of Hell are you doing with my product? YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO END UP PUTTING THAT IN YOUR EAR EVENTUALLY, RIGHT?!”

Antsy and alone with dead batteries and nary a showerhead or spin-cycling washer in sight? Yep, there’s an app for that. No, really – the vibrations that run up and down the full length of this dildo’s insides are custom-managed by the free Apple Watch and iPhone IZIVIBE Connect app for a world of pleasurable possibilities. Sure, the IZIVIBE is fine and dandy fun for one, but connect a partner’s device and suddenly, PLAYER 2 HAS ENTERED THE ARENA!

Whether you choose to REALLY master your domain or let Jesus the take the wheel, enjoy a new world of touch-of-a-finger control. Adjust your intensity in a racing heartbeat with the convenient user-friendly slider or, if you’re feeling like keeping it oh-so-simple, just launch a pre-programmed mode until you shout unto the Heavens, “LOOK, MA! NO HANDS!”

Ever muse to yourself in moments of serene, meditative peace, “I love masturbating more than at least three blood relatives, but I feel like it could be more social.” Well, welcome to the Pinterest of Plastic Penis. Share your own customized mode, take someone else’s for a test-drive, or even let a playmate make your night from afar.

Kidding aside, the IZIVIBE is completely body-safe, made of 100% medical-grade silicone with a pleasantly immaculate, smooth finish that’s absolutely hypoallergenic and phthalate-free – guaranteed to never rub your intimate parts the wrong way.

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Crazy Sex Toys
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