uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler Keeps Your Favorite Craft Beer Ice Cold And Fresh All Day

Some of the best beers you can buy aren’t available in bottles or cans. Most craft brews, seasonal flavors, or even homemade brews all fall into this category. This makes it difficult to take your beer with you on the go or even away from the bar. The use of a growler lets you take draft beer away from the brewery and keep it fresh for drinking later. However, a normal growler only keeps beer fresh for a day or two before it goes bad. Now with the uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler, you can keep your favorite craft brew fresh for up to two weeks.

The secret behind this growler is the combination of vacuum insulation and a Variable Pressure Regulation Cap that carbonates the beer to keep it fresh. Just slide a CO2 canister into the neck of the uKeg and screw on the cap. Then just pressurize the growler and enjoy your beer for up to two weeks just as fresh as if it was coming off the tap.

8/18 food grade stainless steel walls vacuum insulate the contents inside and keeps them cold all day. A built-in pressure gauge and liquid sight glass let you easily see the pressure inside and how much beer is left. The dispensing tap allows you to easily pour a glass of beer without removing the lid. As a bonus, you can change out the tap handle with one from your favorite brewery to express your love for that flavorful craft brew. The uKeg comes in two stylish colors, copper-plated and normal stainless steel. If you enjoy beer and want to take your favorite craft brew home with you, the uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler is the perfect gift or way to treat yourself.

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Fresh and Icy Cold!

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