Loop Smart Multimedia Screen Shares Photos & Videos With Your Entire Family

Since the invention of television people have been drawn together, gathering around TVs no matter where they are. In homes, the room where the TV is located have become the gathering place for families. Today, with the advent of smartphones, people are now drawn together online as a place for gathering.

Although, smartphones and the Internet have the capability to communicate with others, one-on-one via a screen, gathering together and interacting with family and friends at the same time has not been as easy, until now.

Introducing Loop – a multimedia smart device that makes it easy for friends and family to stay connected, much like the TV room where everyone can just go and spend time together, but it is ‘online’. Just as you would walk into a room, Loop is a place just like that, where everyone who has the app can gathered and share content, photos, videos, and allows video conferencing with many people at a time on one screen.

Basically, it’s an entertainment hub, an online living room where anyone can go anytime to stay in touch. Watch the introduction video to learn more about Loop and the former Android Smartwatch designer who created it.




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