DeWalt DGC530 USB Charging Backpack May Be Last Backpack MacGyver Will Ever Buy

The DeWalt DGC530 Charging Tool Backpack makes us question whether we would ever need another backpack ever again.

For starters, there’s the obvious: Custom LeatherCraft, the manufacturers behind the DeWalt brand, is celebrated as the kind of durability-obsessed company whose quality control managers have probably dropped actual hydrogen bombs on their products just to make absolutely sure nothing forged by man can break them. Now, imagine just what kind of muster a backpack has to pass to be judged worthy of their signature label.

Putting that aside, the DeWalt DGC530 has more pockets than a “Final Fantasy” hero’s shorts, a combined 20 multi-use pockets inside and three more on the outside to secure and organize just about any hand tool known to man. Ever wonder just how in God’s name your “Fallout 4” character can carry around half a scrapyard or practically an entire flea market table? We’re pretty sure that riddle is as good as solved.

You might be asking yourself, what more could they add to make this the ultimate lifetime backpack? Simple: a custom-designed internal USB battery dock and charging source with ports to power up two devices simultaneously, a DeWalt 20V MAX lithium ion battery, low battery cut-off protection that prevents battery charge over-depletion by monitoring voltage, and three internal charging wall pockets to fit any combination of cameras, phones, and/or tablets. Wherever you are on the planet, you’ll never want for a surplus of juice.










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