Bluetooth-enabled Nikon D3400 Geared For Easy Photo Sharing

Taking images from a DSLR is the preferred choice for serious photographers, however, unlike smartphones, its been a hassle to broadcast and upload images to social media, until now.

The Nikon D3400 takes the hassle of transferring photos from the camera to a computer, and then uploading these to social media sites such as Facebook, using Bluetooth. You can now experience lightning fast image sharing with smartphones, mobile devices and computers that utilize Bluetooth.

Nikon’s new camera is geared for people that are new to DSLR, and for veteran photographers, they’ll have an easier time wading through a wide range of scene presets and various other setting, via a Guide Mode. Simple, step-by-step instructions help you to achieve the professional effects you’re after, such as the right amount of soft background and motion blur.

The camera is packing 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, with emphasis placed on meeting low-light photography needs. There are many features to discover with the new Nikon, such as the ability to automatically transfer every shot taken using the SnapBridge system.

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Sharing Professional Photos Is A Snap!

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