Vue World’s First Pair Of Prescription Smart Glasses For Everyday Use Does Everything

Smart Glasses, they are everywhere, whether you know it or not, most of the time you know it because these are designed in a way that makes it obvious to everyone. Although, smart glasses can do many things, when used with an app to access your smartphone, but these do not appeal to everyone’s stylish tastes, otherwise, more people would wear them.

These are the world’s first pair of smart glasses that don’t look like… smart glasses, that’s because they are stylish and discreet enough that no one will feel awkward talking to you while wearing them.

The glasses uses bone conduction audio instead of speakers, which allows you to either listen to music, hear GPS directions, or talk on your phone, without anyone hearing or knowing. And, these are great for people into fitness as a great way to track their activities and progress using an app.

Controlling Vue’s function is easy as tapping on the frames to answer calls, listen to music, monitor physical activity progress, and much more.

Right now they are being offered on kickstarter at a 50k goal, of which is already blown past that at over 200k in funding with over 40 days still left. It’s a sure bet these are going to be the next greatest think on everyone’s head











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Vue is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use

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