Iron Man Gaming Hardware, For When Nothing Less Than Stark Industries Will Do

When you boil it right down, does the Marvel universe offer a more definitive heroic patron saint of PC gamers than Tony Stark?

Think about it a moment. Anyone would be hard-pressed to name a technical prodigy more driven to continually improve upon pinnacle performance. He lives for speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and hardware that is at least a step ahead and cut above anyone who would dare test him. If you top it off with his utterly absurd learning curve and always-on bravado, he wouldn’t so much break both games and his competition as obliterate them.

You would also be kidding yourself if you don’t think he would repurpose the look, feel, and presence of his one-man-arsenal Iron Man suits to develop proprietary gaming peripherals and hardware that would shame any MLG pro’s wildest dreams. You might never match up with his hypothetical potential to mop the floor with the world’s finest “Overwatch” competitors or lay waste to everything and everyone in his lane on any “League of Legends” server anywhere in the world, but these Iron Man-inspired tools of the trade at least lend a little bit of Tony’s flair to some pretty admirable specs that should keep you in the thick of the fight.


Whether staying wired is your speed or you prefer more of an Extremis feel with as much freedom and functionality and as few tethers as you can manage, the eight retractable independent components and metal pieces of these Iron Man Gaming Mice sport the kind of smooth, ergonomic design you would expect from one of Mr. Stark’s very own armor components.

The wired mouse feels as intuitive as you would expect Stark Industries Hardware to in your hand and produces acceleration up to 20g and speeds up to 60 inches/second powered by its AVAGO professional optical engine. With one-click DPI adjustments to 500/1000/2000/3000/4000 and a polling rate that adjusts to 125/250/500/1000 Hz, its precision performance you can tailor in an instant to the way you play.

The wireless mouse is the wired version’s slightly more stylish cousin. Shaped like Iron Man’s helmet, it offers up the aesthetic touches of glowing LED eyes and a limited-edition display stand. It matches the wired mouse’s 20g acceleration, but its speed tops out at “only” 34 inches/second with 16 channels hopping, 1000 DPI resolution, and any-direction operation force maxing out at 100GF with switch force from 50GF to 70GF.







Unlike Tony, you can’t necessarily count on an assist from a virtual teammate as sharp as J.A.R.V.I.S. or F.R.I.D.A.Y. when the battle gets out of hand. Keep your manual WASD inputs as sharp and fast as possible with this Iron Man Gaming Keyboard modeled after Tony’s own Mark 43 armor.

It isn’t exactly bleeding-edge Stark Industries innovation, but there’s a whole lot to be said for the brilliant red lighting of the WASD and arrow keys and black backlighting illuminating everything else. If you’re hellbent on either winning in style or looking good losing, this setup offers three customizable pulsating light displays, too.

Performance-wise, you’ll instantly appreciate the new air flow keycap technology’s fast response rate, which itself is adjustable along with two settings catered for different typing styles. Since precision wins or loses fights, every key is equipped with anti-ghosting functions, in addition to arrow and Windows lock keys to further cut down mistakes and adjustable 2-level response rate settings.







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