Google Pixel Smartphone Finally Makes Me Want To Trade In My iPhone. Here’s Why.

Are you looking to get a new smartphone? One that has ‘everything’ you need – the best rated smartphone camera, a battery that not only lasts all day, but fully charges in only 15 minutes? And, wouldn’t it be great if you found a phone that also had unlimited free storage for all your videos and pictures? UNLIMITED FREE STORAGE?? No WAY!  Yeah, a smartphone like that would definitely be on everyone’s wish list, if it really existed?

Well, guess what? A smartphone that meet all of those features does exist! It’s called Pixel – a smartphone by Google, and it even has Google Assistant built into it for hands free commands. If you are a selfie taking junky, like most people, then Pixel should appeal to you, as it has a 12.3MP camera that takes ‘very’ crisp images in all types of light. Hell, they even specifically target iPhone users by making it super simple to transfer everything from your iPhone in 3 simple steps. Whoa…and yes, it DOES have a 3.5mm headset jack. What phone WOULDN’T have one…oh yeah. That’s right.

But one of the best features about this phone is that its built for use with Google’s Daydream view VR headset that look incredible on the AMOLED screen with true blacks and 16.77 million colors.! So, you can explore new worlds in your own personal VR cinema that looks incredible, it is a gamer’s dream phone.

Did we mention 15 minute full charge??!!! Sure did. Now, you can make your smartphone dreams come true, with Google’s new Pixel VR ready smartphone. The only thing it makes us wonder is how easy the screen will crack, no mention of that. That remains to be seen.

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