Derby The Dog Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs Can Now Run


Animals such as dogs and humans have a lot in common, they are both mammals and they both have feelings such as sadness, excitement, happiness and they have fun too. Unfortunately, unlike humans, when domestic animals are born with a malady such as a birth defect or serious ailment, veterinarians or the animal services will often put them to sleep.


Not all dogs are ‘disposed’ of in this way, some folks appreciate that dogs, like people, have feelings and are capable of love, sadness and suffering, and are spared an untimely death. Instead, some fortunate animals like Derby the dog, get to live almost normal lives with the help of kind pet owners and modern technology such as 3D printing.

Derby was born with severely underdeveloped front legs that did not function, thanks to the dog friendly folks at 3D Systems, however, the ability to move about independently is now a reality, because of custom designed 3D prosthetic legs. And, if you have never seen true happiness displayed in an animal before, then this video will surely put to rest any doubts that animals such as Derby have feelings, just like humans. Do they deserve similar care? It is a compelling question that is sure to stir much debate.

Source – Gizmodo via 3D Systems

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