15-Foot Star Destroyer RC Model Launched, Flies and Gets Destroyed

Speculative scientific minds have occasionally pointed to the STAR WARS franchise as a potential visionary fictional portrait of orbital weaponry’s eventual horizons. The homespun inventors of YouTube’s Make channel have reached a conclusion that the most likely plausible element of the Imperial Star Destroyer might be its eventual crash from space into the desert plan Jakku.

To the credit of both the 15-foot model’s three motorized propellors and dual servos for flap adjustments powered by eight total internal battery packs, it actually took an ill-advised aeleron roll to finally bring the big bird down after loosing a flap and experiencing a mid-air bridge collapse. Unfortunately, by the time the Rustoleum-grey Star Destroyer’s body of insulating panels bonded together with packing tape, Gorilla Glue and hopeful dreams gained the forward momentum to launch from a pickup truck’s driving start down an open field, it was already draining battery power fast.

Star-Wars-Star Destroyer RC Model

Nearest anyone can tell, it would be the galactic military’s fuel efficiency equivalent to a Hummer.

Once airborne, how did it fare? Yikes. It controlled not so much as though flown by an Imperial helmsman of the highest order as Launchpad McQuack with a hangover and Parkinson’s disease – and that was before the aeleron roll. The stunt itself actually locked the Star Destroyer upside down right up until it gave up the ghost and tumbled to Earth.

Hey, could’ve been worse: early in the video, the boys fitted a much smaller model with a “hyperdrive” that looks suspiciously like an M-80.

Star-Wars-Starship-Destroyer-RC-Model (2)Star-Wars-Starship-Destroyer-RC-Model (1)Star-Wars-Starship-Destroyer-RC-ModelStar-Wars-Starship-Destroyer-RC-Model (3)

Source – Gizmodo via Make

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