The Illumiglobe Puts An Entire Galaxy Of Stars Right On Your Desk

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and been awestruck by the brilliance of the stars? The night sky is one of the most beautiful sights and photos taken of galaxies (far far away… it had to be done) amaze with the collage of trillions of stars. Now, you can have the brilliance of those stars contained in a globe that sits on your desk. The Illumiglobe captures the brilliance of the galaxy into one beautiful decoration.

Although it looks like stars, The Illumiglobe is actually powered by an array of LED lights. The lights are long lasting, so you can continue to be amazed. Inside the globe there are 16 different colors that mix and change to create beautiful patterns and combinations that please your eyes. They dance and shimmer around inside the globe, hypnotizing you by their magnificence.

You can control the speed and brightness of the light show via a small remote. Adjust the brightness from very bright to a dim, ambiance lighting. The speed of the lights changing color can also be adjusted from very fast to a smooth and steady fade. It makes a great addition to your next party or the next night in with a book. The Illumiglobe is powered via the wall outlet and the remote requires just two AAA batteries. It measures in at almost 8 inches, making just the right size for any occasion. You’ll love sitting back and watching the lights swirl like the galaxy inside of the Illumiglobe.

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