Interactive Chewbacca Is The Best Friend For The Star Wars Next Generation Of Jedi

Everyone’s favorite Wookie is now the perfect companion for the young Jedi you know. Following up last year’s Toy Fair hit of dancing Baby Groots, Hasbro has done it again. A miniature, moving replica of Chewbacca himself is ready to wow the kids. This one is about as good as it gets.

The animatronic Chewy is technically a part of Hasbro’s wildly successful FurReal Friends line. It gives kids a robotic pet that they can play with and interact with in a variety of ways. Chewbacca has posable arms covered in very soft fur (so is the rest of his body). He carries his traditional messenger-style bag across his body with him as well in this replica. The bright blue eyes make him a little less lifelike and a little more kid-friendly.

The best part of Hasbro’s interactive Chewbacca is his responses to external stimuli. Kids can talk to the Wookie and be amazed as he talks back and even responds with the famous Wookie noise (you know what we’re talking about). Children can also interact with him via external movements and Chewy will respond with movements of his own, including facial expressions. He can be put to sleep or flown around the galaxy with the imagination of his young Jedi companion. The attention to detail put into this guy is sure to entertain any young Star Wars fan. Get your hands on this interactive Chewbacca today for hours of fun!

Source – Nerdist

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