Fixate Gel Pads Let You Stick Anything Anywhere

Wanna stick your phone to the wall to watch a movie in bed? Want to stick that charger onto the desk to keep it from always slipping off? Want to stick your keys by the door so you never forget them? Not a problem with Fixate Gel Pads! These tiny gel pads make it possible to stick nearly anything onto any surface. Easy to use and damage free to your walls and paint, fixate gel pads are the perfect solution for keeping things within reach.

Whatever you want to stick and wherever you want to put it, Fixate gel pads are the answer. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, the pad is able to be placed discretely. If you want to make a statement, the fashionable and modern pad also looks great in plain sight. Simply stick the pad onto a clean surface and press it down. Then, put whatever object you want to stick on. You won’t believe that there isn’t a tiny genie inside as it magically holds what you need tightly in place. To get your object off, just give it a light twist and pull and boom, it is off. These gel pads are not only magically sticky, but do no damage to the surface they are on. Unlike tape and nails, they are safe to use at work, school, even in the car. Unlike other adhesive strips, the Fixate Gel Pads are reusable as well. Just rinse it off, let it air dry, and you’re ready to stick again!

These are a great item for anyone who wants to stay organized. Fixate gel pads are the best way to stick things to other things and keep your devices, tools, keys, phone, glasses, or anything else right where you need them.

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