National Geographic Photo Contest Winners 2015 Are Stunning

Few global institutions have so furthered the pursuit of evocative statements through photojournalism as The National Geographic Society. Really, the international organization’s incomparable films and portraits symbolize everything noble and exciting about its commitment to respectful exploration of every corner of the globe.

The 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest joins a tradition of chronicling the wonders of humankind and the natural world dating back more than 125 years. This year’s Grand Prize honoree, James Smart, captured a near-miss meeting of a Simla, Colo. home with an incredibly rare anti-cyclonic tornado that touched down in open farmland. It stands as proof-positive than an adept shutterbug with expert aim and timing can sometimes say far more than all the words of all recorded language.

Scroll through the gallery for more snaps of a very handy young orangutan’s makeshift umbrella and a surreal landscape portrait of the Central Asian Tian Shan Mountains’ stunning coloration, among more stellar and captivating stills.

Source – NationalGeographic

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