Terrifying Toilet Decals Warn All Who Use Your Potty: Horrors Lie Within

Feeling a bit backed-up after that Chipotle-catered office party? Terrifying Toilet Decals just might frighten the carnitas out of you yet.

At the very least, the potty-squid’s judgmental gaze will sear its disappointment into your flesh the next time you get hustled at beer pong and spend Sunday morning with your head crammed halfway into your porcelain god’s maw.

Each package of Terrifying Toilet Decals offers six sheets of amusing peel-and-stick commode adornments to mix and match for the amusement of all and sundry who sit the ivory throne. Give your seat a screaming mouth that seemingly asks in abject terror, “Who are you, and just what do you think you’re about to do to me?!” Add an array of tentacles to make anyone who delivers a brown baby think long and hard about the possibility of something wicked one day crawling up through the drain to confront the filthy beasts obsessed with dropping all manner of unspeakable atrocities on its head.

Thanks to Terrifying Toilet Decals, your privy will be nearly as horror-laden as the stench lingering hours after you adjourn your morning business. Yes, you. We’ve used the bathroom after you, whether you realize it or not, for more than two years. What in the name of Zod are you eating, anyway?

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