Astronaut Memory Foam Pillow Revolutionizes Rest & Travel Anywhere On Earth To The Moon & Back

The LANGRIA Astronaut Memory Foam Pillow wasn’t engineered by NASA’s best and brightest brains to provide optimal comfort and sound sleep for the average civilian on the go anywhere at any time. Still, we wouldn’t be here talking about this ergonomically ingenious and astoundingly affordable creature comfort if contemplating modern space suit designs hadn’t struck practical-minded designers with a timely bolt of inspiration.

When frustrated in their search for a single travel-ready pillow that fused comfort, support and portability within a single product, LANGRIA’s most avidly improvement-obsessed staff divined inspiration from the cutting-edge spatial material found in astronaut outerwear. Their eventual solution indeed resembled a practical interstellar suit’s spacious collar with an appropriately similar memory-foam filling for peerless support and comfort, along with an equally cozy built-in, detachable hood. The LANGRIA Memory Astronaut Memory Foam Pillow stows conveniently for travel hundreds of miles down the highway or to the moon and back inside its travel-friendly pouch and adjusts with one-size-fits-all ease using its adjustable strap. For those who have trouble nodding off without a portable soundtrack or simply need a place to stash a small device, the side pocket stitched into the removable and machine-washable eyelet fabric outer cover fits the dimensions of most available smartphones and mp3 players while you doze.

Choose any of the LANGRIA Astronaut Memory Foam Pillow’s six optional positions you like. The premium memory foam provides impeccable support to your chin, neck and head to relieve pressure points, maintain healthy spinal alignment and maintains a naturally inhospitable environment for dust and microbes while the phenomenally breathable exterior fabric dissipates body heat to promote deep, restful sleep.

In its basic U-shaped position, the hood isolates your cradled head from your immediate surroundings and shields your eyes from irritating ambient light while you try to sleep. Turn the LANGRIA Astronaut Memory Foam Pillow upside-down to add even more head support from the padded surface of the longer section. If you need to rest while traveling against the wall of a bus, train, car or aircraft, turning that same area toward the hard surface will comfortably prevent your head from knocking against it. If you already have a handy neck pillow, the pillow’s concave curvature can wrap around your lower back and lumbar regions with the longer part downwards to reduce stress, alleviate pain and maintain healthy back alignment while you rest. While driving, fastening the pillow to a headrest using the strap allows it to soothingly align and support your neck and head, preventing that agonizing pain and stiffness from long hours at the wheel. Finally, when you fold in both arms toward the pillow’s center, you have a uniquely supportive wedge pillow to lean against while chilling out on a recliner, reposing on the floor or just taking a few minutes’ breather at your office desk.

  • 6 different ways to use it when traveling, at home & at the office
  • Premium memory foam core for neck, chin & head support
  • Smart ergonomic neck pillow with a detachable hood
  • Travel-friendly and with a pouch for easy transportation
  • One size fits all users thanks to the adjustable strap
  • One side-pocket to fit your Smartphone or mp3 player
  • Removable and machine washable outer cover

Thanks to the LANGRIA Astronaut Memory Foam Pillow, a relaxing rest is wherever you make it.




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Comfort That Travels With You Anywhere

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