Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornaments Has Light Up Eyes To Watch Your Garden For Tresspassers

Here’s the biggest upside of these Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornaments: sure, Jawas could hardly be called authorities on keeping anyone’s grass green, but our lead operative in Arizona tells us that he’s based a drinking game on taking a shot every time his neighbors double-take at seeing them posed with a “captured” Roomba and his NutriBullet or his guests see one sneaking up on his R2-D2 laundry hamper.

Come to think of it, he hasn’t checked in for a week. Well, we can be relatively sure of one of two possibilities: his game has proven far more fun than even he could have imagined or has once more mistaken dwarfs in hoodies droid-selling desert junk dealers.

We like to think he could tell the difference between a 16-inch-tall grey resin statue with eyes that light up yellow thanks to a solar panel and on/off switch and a potentially jaundiced little person. Yes, we would like to think that.



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