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R2-D2 Laundry Hamper Will Steer Your Whites From The Dark Side Of The Laundry

The Dark Side of The Laundry is no place for your whites. Double up on these STAR WARS R2-D2 Laundry Hampers and bring balance to your wash.

We’ve showcased some nifty little users for the galaxy’s bravest astromech – bento boxes, mugs, trash cans, refrigerators and Bluetooth speakers among them – but forcing poor overtaxed Artoo to choke down our nasty socks and underthings? That’s a bit sadistic even for us.

Still, we’re assuming some among you just might need a little organizational aide even more than we do. Therefore, we strongly encourage you all to purchase a few humanely treated droids procured through absolutely no shifty Jawa trades and let the faithful companion to two generations of Skywalkers do your dirty work.

Yeah, because if there’s one thing Artoo wouldn’t know a single damn thing about, it’s cleaning up after humans’ messes…

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R2 Is Here To Help With The Laundy

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