Lick The Cat Overlords Clean Like They Demand With Licki Tounge Brush

Make no mistake, we know a little something about tongue-bathing a kitty. Spend as much time with your mouth buried in a friendly pussy’s fur as we do and there’s only one inevitable conclusion: you can only pull so much of that naturally lush hair out of your teeth before you could just shave it all at once and be done with it.

Hey, don’t judge us. Once you’ve done it, nothing will ever bond you so intimately to another living thing. The flavors and aromas even grow on you after a while. Still, it doesn’t exactly lend itself to pleasant-smelling breath. Don’t even get us started on the occasional flea jumping down your throat.

If the scent wouldn’t make them wonder whether to ask just where our lips have been, that’s why we could just plant a big, awkwardly affectionate kiss on the thoughtful folks from PDX Pet Designs for creating Licki, the soft silicone cat brush that brings you and your pet closer together than ever before.

When a mother cat licks obsessively at a kitten’s fur, it’s a tender maternal moment communicated in their kind’s heartwarming love language. When we do it, we get written out of our grandmother’s will and banned for life from Petsmart. Licki lets us mouth-groom our fuzzy little lady in a meditative fashion with gentle, flexible bristles that feel immediately pleasurable against her sensitive skin. Finally, we can use our mouths to soothe our princess in front of strangers and not have to stop and ask why our guests are slowly backing out the front door without taking their eyes off us.

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Get Love On With Your Kitty With A Silicone Tongue-Bath

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