LG’s Levitating Speaker Blasts Better Audio In All Directions At Once

Floating speakers, also known as levitating speakers, are popular today for many reasons, the main one being that these provide crystal clear sounds because the speakers hover in air and sound is not obstructed by speaker casings or mounts.

Although there are a few such speakers on the market, excitement is building up to the announced release of a new levitating portable speaker, the PJ9, by LG Electronics during CES 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Not only is the futuristic levitation station and hovering speaker awe inspiring, but the high-quality LG speakers produce seamless music or audio content that sounds just as good outdoors as it does indoors.

The new speaker concept reinforces the fact that LG is a pioneer in audio designs. The company’s new PJ9 wireless floating speaker, with Dual Passive Radiator technology, is able to reproduce high and mid-range tones with amazing clarity. Sporting a turbine blade design, the levitating speaker produces sound in all directions, 360 degrees, with a supporting subwoofer for deep base mounted in the levitation station base.

The new portable PJ9 Levitating Speaker is completely wireless and can connect to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth, for up to 10 hours of play time. Visitors to the CES event can visit booth #11100, Central Hall, where they can experience the PJ9 and many of the company’s other wireless products.



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