Let’s Get Lit LED Beer Glass Puts A Literal, Tipsy Spin On Holiday Decoration

Here in the United States, our elected president has a curiously patriotic hard-on for the phrase “merry Christmas.” On the other hand, we and the makers of the Let’s Get Lit LED Beer Glass could much more easily get behind the more universally appealing notion of making America tipsy again. Load us up with enough ale, and we’ll suit up in sexy Star Wars lingerie to wish a church filled with reverent parishioners a happy Life Day.

Holiday cheer just doesn’t get much simpler: fill ‘er up with up to 14 ounces of your favorite Yuletide brew, and choose one of three festive fast and slow flashing or solid lighting modes to toast your office party, gift exchange, airing of grievances or any other tradition that comes around but once a year. Not only is the Let’s Get Lit LED Mug luminous and frivolous, but it also happens to be crafted from high-quality glass with a satisfying heft.

Obviously, this glassware is not dishwasher-safe. The Let’s Get Lit LED Beer Glass includes replaceable button-cell batteries.

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