EZ Ice Backyard Rink Sets Up Effortlessly In 60 Minutes

The EZ Ice frees skating and pick-up hockey enthusiasts from the convenience-versus-construction conundrum of building one’s own backyard rink.

A single person could easily assemble the modular, standalone EZ Ice rig in an hour or less without drilling any holes, hammering a single stake or attaching multiple sets of fasteners. The 16-inch-high molded plastic wall holds together using a bracket-and-strap system covered by a sturdy 6mm polyester liner. You could construct the main structure anywhere, drag it to your preferred location and fill it with water once the temperature plummets to an ideal low. The wall doesn’t even require perfectly level ground to stand up. As long as the different heights along any surface vary by no more than a foot, the EZ Ice should provide a trustworthy place to skate.

This is no one-size-fits-all set, either. Whether you purchase the 15-by-30-foot set, the massively upsized unit measuring 85 by 200 feet or a rig crafted to your custom dimensions, the EZ Ice allows you to use as many or few of the walls and brackets as necessary and store the rest. The weight of the ice will press down on the grid created by the brackets and straps at the bottom of the rink and make it virtually impossible to move the entire structure, whether assembled to its full size or smaller proportions. Even with no further pieces anchoring it, your EZ Ice won’t budge from winter’s first freeze until the Major League Baseball season opens and you store the kit until leaves come down.

Once you take to the ice, it becomes abundantly apparent that the EZ Ice is built to last. Those ultra-tough walls will take your stiffest slapshot and laugh in your face. Roughhousing won’t faze it. Sure, there are some seriously impressive and hardwearing backdoor rink kits out there, but most demand some arduous time investment to throw together. As in, a day or even a weekend’s worth of effort before temperatures drop and snow falls in blankets. Once constructed, they certainly are not this easy to shift from one location to another. The EZ Ice, on the other hand? This is as effortless as skating toward breakaway on an empty net.

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