Furry Nails Is A New Gross Nail Trend That Makes Me Want To Gag

How the…? Why the…? What is even…?

Look, ladies, we may laugh at some of your more ridiculous hair trends – say, gluing glitter to your scalps – but we somewhat understand. You dig the pretty sparkles. Check.

This, though? If 99% of you actually woke up one day with hairy finger nails, you’d offer your immortal soul to the nail stylist who could passably explain just what the chocolatey hell happened to your hands, let alone how to reverse it.

Yet, here we are. CND nail polish brand founder and style director Jan Arnold has ushered in “Hairy Nails” as 2016’s first daring trend in finger fashions. Do you bemoan having never been stricken with hypertrichosis, an actual “werewolf syndrome” of conspicuously unnatural hair growth? Hate waiting four weeks between full moons to get your lycanthropy on like a half-assed UNDERWORLD cosplayer? Have you simply run out of inventive means of stopping persistent habitual nail-biting?

Well, here you go. Um…enjoy?

The further good news being, you aren’t limited to especially long hair hanging from your nails. Should you be inclined toward a neater cuticle coif, CND offers a kit with shorter, more practical hair that looks no less bizarre at all.

Source – Bored Panda via Cosmo

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Werewolf Nails

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