William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy QMX Figures Boldly Go Where No 1/6th Figure Has Gone Before

We nerds love our collectible figures in a very special way.

No, no. THAT “very special way” is reserved for your mom.

On the other hand, incredible collectible figures such as these STAR TREK tributes to William Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy’s legendary turns as Capt. James T. Kirk and his lifelong Vulcan friend Spock revealed at Toy Fair in February become our idols, our totems.

The 1/6th-scale QMx figures are impressive improvements on the toy-maker’s previous very decent FIREFLY collectibles and worthy complements to their incredible STAR TREK ship models. Neither 12″ figure exactly comes loaded down with accessories; Spock carries a signature tricoder, Kirk has a communicator, and each comes with phasers and alternate gripping hands. We definitely dig the brown holster sashes that honor the iconic costumes of the original series. Admirable as those extras are, though, we’re transfixed by the far more striking likenesses of Shatner and Nimoy themselves.

These statues are designed to lovingly honor the performers as much as their characters. Shatner/Kirk looks fantastic, but Nimoy looks especially striking in this 50th anniversary honorarium to his indelible legacy to the franchise.

They will be ready to ship this July 2016 for $179 each.


Source – ToyArk


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These look so real, I'd swear they're actually flesh and blood

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