Funny Animal Selfies Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Opposable thumbs once gave us humans a lofty edge over our animal friends. You’ll no doubt understand how we felt a little piece of ourselves die forever the moment this gallery showed us that less naturally dextrous critters no longer needed as much of our help to take over the internet with adorable snapshots.

What do we have left? Answer us that. “Reason,” you say? Emotional intelligence? Ha! Have you watched the news lately? Before, we only assumed our cats were ashamed to share a planet with us until they had something to hold over our heads once and for all. We already liked dogs better than 99.8 percent of the human population and figured if any one species would have our back, it would be the canine contingent. Now that the entire animal kingdom seems all-too-aware that even their selfies put ours to shame, the writing is on the wall.

We just lost technological ground to a cadre of curious lions, a too-sexy-for-my-fur husky, and a tufted titmouse that appears to be practicing glaring at us with a knife to our throats, among other captivating creatures. This is how it ends. First, they overtake Instagram. The next thing we know, they google “Donald Trump” and decide Earth’s survival depends on an immediate regime change.

It was a nice reign on top while it lasted. Congratulations, furry and feathered friends. We concede the internet.


Source – Bored Panada

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