Expressive Animal Portraits Capture the Human Emotions in Our Pets

Madonna struck a pose with Vogue. Lady Gaga batted away the paparazzi with her meat suit. Nikki Minaj showed off her game face every chance she got. So how are the animals going to communicate? Telepathically?! Of course not!

Animals are known for having emotions too. Dogs grieve their owners and cats nestle next to their ailing loved ones. So why not capture it? A picture is worth 1000 words. So what exactly is a human animal? Let Vincent Lagrange, a photographer from Antwerp, Belgium answer that for you.

This artist created a collection of portraits that capture an animal’s human emotions. Of course, the hardest part is getting them to stop giving you those puppy and kitty eyes that say “Let me down from here!”

Source – BoredPanda via Vincent Lagrange

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