Office Ninja Blowgun Desk Toy Trains You To Have More Fun At Work

Your mission, young ninja, is to… procrastinate at the office! Everyone loves having fun and everyone hates doing work. Now, instead of playing hangman or throwing paper wads into the trash can, you can have some sophisticated fun. The Office Ninja Blowgun desk toy is sure to provide hours of fun for you and your coworkers. Don’t let the boss see this one!

This set is complete with two collapsible blow dart guns that allow you to fire projectiles with the stealth of a ninja. Each one is crafted from translucent acrylic, one in dark blue and one in red. Each blowgun is 30 inches long when assembled but can be taken apart so that it measures less than 12 inches. This makes the whole set very portable and easy to take anywhere.

Also in the kit are 12 projectiles of each color, giving you a total of 24. They are made from a soft plastic material that makes them safe and eliminates the risk of damaging walls or furniture. With each forceful exhalation, the projectile will go flying into the included Styrofoam target and buries itself in with a satisfying “thwack!”. Compete against coworkers or yourself using the scoring rings on the target to see who is the supreme ninja.

The ideal shooting distance is about 11 feet as the darts fly rapidly, but you can challenge yourself more by shooting across the entire room. As the projectiles move at a very high speed, avoid aiming them at someone’s face to stay away from an HR problem. After all, ninjas are supposed to leave no trace. Or is that Boy Scouts? Regardless, you and your coworkers will have a “blast” with this Office Ninja Blowgun set.

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