Doctor Who Metal Earth TARDIS 3D Model Is Fit For A Time Lord To Pass Time With

Of Peter Capaldi’s stellar two series thus far as the grandfatherly throwback Twelfth Doctor of “Doctor Who,” our favorite chilling story yet just might be “Flatline.” There’s a sobering lesson to take away as the TARDIS rapidly shrinks with the universe’s greatest Time Lord trapped inside: no matter how much bigger anything might be on the inside, size eventually matters.

Alternately, we’ve had that lesson impressed upon us in a wholly different dimension with the acceptance that this intricately detailed Doctor Who Metal Earth TARDIS Model is the closest we’ll ever come to harnessing The Doctor’s vehicle for traversing the length and breadth of all time and space. What we would give for a broken chameleon circuit to reduce an infinitely expansive time machine down to a size our broom closet could accommodate. Alas, the moderate difficulty of building our very own blue 1960s London police box by popping four-inch blue metal sheets out of their frames with needle-nose pliers is a creative substitute we’ll gladly accept.

After all, assembling the legendary little blue box is as simple as bending each piece’s tabs and assembling them according to the appreciably clear included instructions. No need to call on The Doctor’s Gallifreyan brethren for assistance. The finished product may not spirit us away to shake hands with Vincent Van Gogh or witness the Earth’s fiery end from orbit, However, a TARDIS of our very own making will sit on our shelf and remind us that a bigger joy of creation hides inside every small thing we build with our own hands.

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