Doctor Who Lego Tardis Dimensions Set Unveiled. Whovians Overjoyed, Pissed.

At long last, Lego has officially announced a December release date for its DOCTOR WHO-inspired LEGO DIMENSIONS set, along with some interesting story and character details. As expected, many a devoted Whovian is wibbly-wobbly with glee and wishing that time and space might hurry just a bit more the hell up and skip to the end of the year.

Just as predictably, some fans have displayed just the appropriate degree of disappointment and outright butt-hurt that the set didn’t present it self just as they’d have liked. If you’ve ever experienced the grieving cycle that follows a changing of the guard from a departing Doctor to his successor, this is about as surprising as the loss of third-grade memories and singed hair after trying to hump a light socket.

Andrew Clark submitted the original idea “Doctor Who and Companions” in February 2014, and Lego has indeed brought to life a model TARDIS that’s bigger on the inside and dominated by a faithfully recreated console room that DIMENSIONS players will construct to play out the regeneration of the Eleventh Doctor into the Twelfth before squaring off alongside companion Clara Oswald against two raging, shrieking Daleks and one Oops-I-Crapped-My-Pants creepy Weeping Angel.

Based lovingly on the 2013 Christmas special “Time of the Doctor”, the set includes minifigures of the Eleventh Doctor as played by Matt Smith, the Twelfth Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi, Clara Oswald as played by Jenna Coleman, two Daleks, and one Weeping Angel. All minifigures comes with various personal accessories.

Again, feedback has been about what any follower of the show would expect. Latter-day fans are (mostly) jazzed just to see Clara, the two most recent Doctors, a couple traditional Daleks, and even a Weeping Angel with an alternate “screaming” face. It’s the smash-hit Lego video games combined with one of geekdom’s most sacred institutions.

Others? Well…

Naturally, there are complaints. Every Whovian as “their” Doctor, either the one that served as an entry point to the series or just a personal favorite that resonated. When a number of fans learned the initial set would only include the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and Clara, all and sundry who pray to hamburger sculpture-shrines of David Tennant were sharpening pitchforks to get across their displeasure at not getting to play as his Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

Still others were dismayed that the set doesn’t include one single classic Doctor from the original 1963-1989 series. We came across one fan who even suggested that Lego should include all 12 Doctors and EVERY SINGLE COMPANION.

Clearly, nobody explained to this rabid fan that, depending on which resource one consults, the Doctor has shared the TARDIS with upward of 50 or so “companions” across the classic and revived series combined. We don’t care how damn badly you’ve always wanted to pit Adric against a Weeping Angel – that probably ain’t happening.

For everyone else who is just all pee-pants that we get to go on adventures with the Doctor, the set hits stores just in time for the traditional Christmas Special on Dec. 1 for $59.99/€59.99. Hey, who knows? There’s always DLC, disappointed Whovians. Personally, we’re hoping for a “Terror of the Vervoids” level pack, but we’re not sure plant monsters with faces resembling vaginas will ever pass “E for Everyone” muster.LEGO Doctor Who 6LEGO Doctor Who 4LEGO Doctor Who 5LEGO Doctor Who 3
LEGO Doctor Who 2

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