Astronomers Claim They Found 234 Alien Civilizations Based On Science

For many decades, scientists have been using a wide-range of the latest technologies to find any signs of alien life in the universe, but have ‘publicly’ been unsuccessful, until now?

Astronomers working out of Laval University, Quebec, have suggested that we already have evidence that alien civilizations exists, by analyzing information of over 2.5 million galaxies, and then searching for regular Fourier Transform (FT) light pulses emitted from these that meet certain criteria.

Well, the astronomers have revealed 234 such regular light pulses and are suggesting that those signals represent alien civilizations. A detailed explanation of FT analysis is available from the Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

The information needs to be verified and confirmed first, and a team of scientist from UC Berkeley, California, will conduct follow-up observations on the 234 FT sources.

If these signals are confirmed as alien civilizations, hopefully the public/humanity will be told?

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