Tardis Door Sticker Helps You Enter Space & Time From Anywhere In Your Home

We’ve watched easily enough “Doctor Who” to know that there are times when even The Doctor can’t be sure exactly what he’ll find beyond the TARDIS door.

After all, the TARDIS treats itself to an interior redesign nearly every time The Doctor regenerates. Walk past the threshold, choose a hallway, and one can’t be sure if it will lead to a bedroom, bathroom, or a library with its own swimming pool. It’s an intelligent, self-aware ship seemingly as capricious as its faithful Time Lord pilot.

Want to have some fun with your next Whovian house guests? First, find the most attractive room in your home and dress its door with this Police Box Door Sticker. For the best effect, make sure it’s a door with a key lock and keep it secured. When your appreciably nerdy friends and family stroll past and notice the new decor, wait for the wide-eyed “squee” to simmer down and when they ask what’s behind the door, don a sly smirk and pull its key from your pocket.

This door-sized mural adheres with no glue, paste, or additional staining chemicals. The self-adhesive backing allows this TARDIS motif to apply and peel with ease. Its matte foil lamination, waterproof ink, and UV-protective coating shield the high-quality vinyl from fading, color bleaching, water damage, wrinkles, staining, grease or fingerprint marking, and scratches. The sheet sticks to any smooth surfaces, including windows, walls, tile, mirrors, and of course, doors.

Custom-sizing is available at no additional charge, but since your TARDIS Door Sticker ships from eastern Europe, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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