RUMBLE 24/7 Night Running Shoe Lights Keep You Safer In The Dark

Active families that enjoy biking, hiking, running, and walking can benefit from some light during the night. Safety should always be the main concern, especially when jogging or biking near streets, so that motorized vehicles can easily see you.

Thankfully, there are many types of mobile-wear lights and reflectors one can buy, but these can be uncomfortable to wear and may only provide very minimal light, not enough that drivers can easily notice you.

The Rumble 24/7 LED Shoe Clip is what you and your family need to stay safe and seen at night. You simply clip these onto your shoes while biking, jogging or walking, and cars will definitely see you with the ample amount of light these produces. And, you can choose between either flashing lights or fixed light modes.

The Rumble LED lights are great to wear anywhere, parties such as raves, attach them onto bikes and backpacks, or even clip them to your dog’s collar, you’ll surely find many uses for these mobile-wear lights, for safety’s sake.

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Night runners or kids will be much safer because they can be seen

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