Creepy Mannequin Pranks By Devilish Artist Freak Out Children & Adults In His Guerilla Campaign

Some inanimate objects in this world come with an easily weaponized creepiness all their own. Want irrefutable proof? Blindfold a herd of “Doctor Who” fans and station them nose-to-nose with a statue of an angel before returning their sight. Just don’t stand directly between them and the nearest escape route if you value all your bones and internal organs in their pristine naturally intended solid states.

If the Weeping Angels are just a bit “passe” for your bystander-trolling tastes, take a queue from guerilla artist Mark Jenkins and employ a few unsettlingly positioned mannequins to send onlookers backing slowly to the other side of the street. After all, the living-plastic Autons that terrorized Rose Tyler from a fashionable London department store right into the path of the Ninth Doctor never seem to get their due, the poor things. Employing equal parts element of surprise and a certain cheeky mischief, his body of work ranging from a suicidal dummy preparing for a plunge off a building and another doing a superb impression of a drowning victim lying face-down in a pond to a girl holed up inside a trashcan certainly makes a statement.

We like to think of it as something to the effect of, “If you could’ve seen the look on your face…”

Source – So Bad So Good

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