Weeping Angel String Lights Make Your TARDIS A Terrifying Time-Wimey Wonderland

Wait, wait. If anyone or anything blinks, the Weeping Angels will demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt why they are the patron saints of all F*** THAT, NOPE across time and space. We can’t blink. But apparently, there’s a convenient loophole in this quantum-lock nonsense that these ten chilling Weeping Angel String Lights can blink like stuck turn signals?

Not. Fair.

Should you, for reasons we can only assume tie in to a love of soiled pants and high-stakes staring contests, decide to welcome these 9′ strings of ten 3 1/2″ lights modeled after the most petrifying terrors to ever plague DOCTOR WHO audiences’ nightmares into your home, you could do worse for festive last looks. Five of these lights’ faces are deftly covered to prevent quantum-locking one another. The other five? They’re very keen for you to know you’ll die alone and afraid. Mix ’em up with the Tardis Lights for an epic battle that spans all time.

“Better” still, these lights are self-connecting. Plug them into each other to assemble as massive a predatory choir of angry lawn ornaments as you’d like.

Yeah, why would you do that, again?

Each set comes with four replacement bulbs and one flash bulb. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This product may contain components that present choking hazard to small children if detached or broken.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel String Lights (2)Doctor Who Weeping Angel String Lights (1)


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Blink, and You'll Miss The Fright

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