New ComboPhotos Meld Images Into Seamless, Imaginative Surreal Art

It baffles us that some critics still refuse to acknowledge meticulously edited Photoshop pastiches as “art.” Just survey these lighthearted split-image juxtapositions by Atlanta art director and photographer Stephen McMennamy without marveling at how seamlessly he stitches his surreal visions together. We’ve showed you some of his work before, and honestly we are so blown away, we couldn’t contain ourselves when he released a few new pieces… so here they are, along with his older work as well.


Were you to show some of these to a sentient being entirely unfamiliar with our planet’s natural laws, architecture, animals, and the like, the actual manipulations could very well pass unnoticed. What McMennamy calls “#combophotos” come together by experimenting with unusual ways to overlap countless images found laying around online and then employing them to fuse his own superb compositions into mesmerizing transformed works.

It’s a virtually perfect process: by the time begins bringing his humorous, bizarre, and sometimes otherworldly mash-ups to life, he has already perfectly placed each object, creature, and setting in his head down to the last detail. The exceptional elevated quality of his finished product is typically undeniable.

To see more of his most recent work and purchase some of his finest #combophotos as prints, visit McMennamy’s Instagram.

Source – Instagram / Tumblr

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