Photo Mashups Distort Reality with Creativity

The world’s a strange and confusing place. While our hearts beat in our chests, shrimps’ hearts beat in their heads. It’s a miracle we survive sneezes because our hearts stop for a millisecond when we do. Rats and horses can’t even vomit for crying out loud!

In celebration of strange situations and awkward anomalies, photographer Stephen McMennamy has committed himself to creating an interesting collection of what he calls ComboPhotos to portray funny scenes. In a nutshell, this man merges two photos to create unique situations that’ll make you do a double take.

Have you ever seen a truck load of giant Fruit Loops? A truck with donut wheels? What about a spaghetti forklift? Ready or not, McMennamy is distorting reality. ‘

Source – ThisIsColossal via Instagram / Squarespace

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