Artist Turned His Dead Cat Into A RC Helicopter Called Orvillecopter

Watching This Will Make You Regret Every Time You Ever Called Your Cat An Asshole

Meet Bart Jansen. After hearing his story, we strongly suggest giving your pets one giant reassuring hug.

More importantly, this is the story of Jansen’s two beloved cats, Orville and Wilbur. Goodness, how those mischievous felines loved chasing birds. Their tiny hearts would surely purr with life-affirming glee as they would run and pounce at their winged playmates, filling the unsuspecting playmates with confused terror that likewise served as a reminder of just how fortunate they should feel to be alive.

Tragically, a deadly encounter with a car took Orville from his family, sending him to hunt forevermore in the Hereafter. Playtime had come to an end.

Oh, would that the avian denizens of the sky could count themselves so fortunate. Birds of a feather would soon flock in horror together as the chase took a turn toward their most nightmarish notions.

You see, Jansen had one final gift to grant his companion: the chance to take flight among his quarry. With some artful taxidermy and unsettling ingenuity, the Orvillecopter now sends the dearly departed kitty’s cold, dead hide aloft with glassy eyes and outstretched paws where his airborne nemeses once mocked him in safety.

Trust us when we say, nothing and nobody is laughing at Orville now.

Source – BartJansen

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