Feisty Pets Will Turn Ferocious When They’re Squeezed

As a general rule, we don’t trust anything that walks on more than two legs and can’t verbally communicate its thoughts any further than we can throw it. Something tells us the makers of Feisty Pets would drink to that.

This goes a little bit further than Chairman Meow challenging us to rub his belly when he knows he’ll try to reenact Freddy Krueger’s blood-vessel marionette with the deadly razors tucked into those itty-bitty-witty-kitty paws as soon as our wrists are within reach. No, this also goes for our pit bull Bob Barker’s “Hey, that toilet paper was shredded like that when I got here five minutes after you left me behind” expression that always makes us question his actual guilt.

Feisty Pets keep everything much more straightforward. No matter how lovingly they might stare back at us, we know they’ll turn from precious to pissed as soon as we start doling out hugs. We always know where that line is drawn, and we happily cross it anyway.

Temperamental and ferocious? Sure, but at least Feisty Pets predictable.

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Sammy Suckerpunch is a dog!
Princess Pottymouth is a cat!
Sir Growls-A-Lot is a bear!
Grandmaster Funk is a monkey!










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