Parrot POT Smart Self-Watering Plant System Takes Care Of Your Plants For You

Not everyone has a green-thumb, it isn’t easy to keep plants healthy when you have a busy schedule. When house plants aren’t watered regularly, or are watered too much, they get sick and often die. This is true for people who travel a lot away from home, and plants usually suffer, especially if no one waters them.

Thankfully, Parrot POT is here to help, it’s a self watering system that makes taking care of plants effortless. Parrot is the same company that designs all those awesome drones. With four built-in sensors that actually monitor a plant’s health, the self-watering system will activate when water is needed.

It’s amazing, it allows people who have a brown-thumb to experience what it’s like to have a green-thumb – watching plants grow over time.

Whether you have indoor or outdoor plants, the Parrot POT monitoring and watering system will make sure plants will flourish, by watering them at the right time, with the right amount of water. And, the pot even has an app! So, you can make sure your plants are doing well even when you’re not at home.











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