29 Creepy Santa Claus Photos Will Scare The Pee Out Of Kids

Even when it comes to donning the cherished red suit of Jolly Old St. Nicholas, there are sometimes right and wrong ways to cast the part.

To be entirely fair, we have no…um…”very little”…er…uh…we are trying very hard to convince ourselves that not one of these men granting innocent and nervous children an audience with Santa Claus would ever actually mean to scare a child. However, there’s a good reason Dwayne Johnson was a fumbling failure in THE TOOTH FAIRY, we actually felt sorry for Vin Diesel in THE PACIFIER, and the first scenes of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor remind us of a megalomaniacal Carrot Top and force us to question whether there are Warner Bros. executives who simply hate their audience.

Now that we look again, some of these look like more terrifying experiences than they probably were at the time. OK, so a few charlatan Santas give the impression they might have had one nip too many of some extra-“magical” egg nog, but they’re giving the performance their all. No points for tryOH, GOD. CLOWN! WHY, PENNYWISE? WHY?

Jesus Christ with Sugar Cookies. Those won’t be visions of sugar plums dancing in those kids heads, so much as refrains of “Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me.”

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