3D Body Art Optical Illusions By Arizona Artist Are Masterpieces

How do you do it, Natasha Farnsworth? In the sunrise of your early twenties, you’ve fostered the supplet-yet-sure bonds with the love of your life that let you explore creating striking works of 3D art on her body’s bare canvas. Not all who fall in love – with the throes of their creative passions or another human being – embrace such deeply woven intimacy.

The budding Arizona painter admittedly hadn’t a single inkling what she would make of her adult life when some unfortunately chosen – albeit, ultimately fortuitous – teenaged shenanigans earned her a grounding without parole throughout her senior year of high school.

To borrow a notion from ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, she didn’t so much serve the time as make the hours without a phone, social media or friends immediately after school serve her. The more time she spent sketching familiar faces from cartoons, TV shows and movies, the more she not only quckly grew her skill but fell in love with it.

Fast-forward two years and one flourishing romance, and she has parlayed an unexpected talent into a full-time pursuit of commissioned custom art “ninety-nine percent of the time” and devoting “breaks” to such explorations as painting mesmerizing optical illusions on her girlfriend’s body. It’s a nexus for her where intimate quality time dances with artistic curiosity in a ballroom of acrylic paints and deft brushstrokes.

3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (4)3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (5)3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (8)3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (3)3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (1)3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (6)3D-Bodyart-Paintings-on-Girlfriend (7)

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