Globe Skateboards Have Built-In Bluetooth Speakers For Ultimate Soundtrack

We recently came across an article declaring so-called “hoverboards” to be superlative gifts in part because they are “more fun” than skateboards. Hm, let’s pit a hoverboard against the 26″ GLB-GSB Blazer Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard compare something, shall we?

When they don’t tend to explode whenever the notion strikes them, hoverboards are just about the only personal transportation vehicles more capable than a Segway or Toyota Prius of making an otherwise reasonable person look like a royal jackass.

The GLB-GSB Blazer not only does not explode into flaming ball of surprise and failure, but pairs with any Bluetooth-connected device to blast anywhere from two to six hours of choice tunes from a built-in GSB speaker. Globe collaborated with Boombotix to equip a 50mm driver and passive radiator combination the channels bass through the board and right into your feet. The ruggedized casing resists some serious impact and water to keep the onboard sound system safe and functional one rough ride after another.

Every GLB-GSB Blazer ships with a 6″ USB charging cable. Your board’s power supply goes from dead to fully charged in about three hours from any USB charger. Play time varies with chosen volume level – around two hours at 100% volume, but upward of six hours at around 70%. The board is a Resin-9 hard rock maple construction with a mellow concave and kick tail, 4.25″ slant trucks, and 62mm 83a wheels.


Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB Pinner (4)Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB Pinner (3)Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB Pinner (2)Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB Pinner (1)Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB-Blazer (2)Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB-Blazer (1)Globe-Speakerboard-GLB-GSB-Blazer (3)

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