Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Scented Candle Gives The Gift Of Gozer

“Stay-Puft roasting on an open fire…Fire dancing on his head…”

This season, show that one special Destructor, Traveler, Volguus Zildrohar and Lord of the Sebouillia in your life that you worship them unquestioningly by giving a gift that could only come from you. Choosing it is easy. Just let your mind go blank. Choose the first thing that comes to mind.

Give the give of Mr. Stay Puft. Even the original Ghostbusters would lay aside their proton packs to savor the delectable marshmallow aroma of this fluffy behemoth melting slowly down to a pasty puddle. He may not stand 100 feet tall and shower a major city in flaming fluff, but his sweet smell of marshmallows will cover everything around him in an infectious craving for s’mores.

Happy holidays to Gatekeepers and Keymasters everywhere.

Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-Man-Scented-Candle (1)Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-Man-Scented-Candle (2)

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Not So Harmless Unless You're On A Diet

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