Gummy Candy Maker Brings An On Demand Candy Store Home

It’s damned hard to have too many gummy candies of any kind on hand. Like, virtually impossible. Can’t be done. It’s much easier to experience the massive letdown of not having any more when you feel like you could eat another metric ton or so.

God as our witness, this Gummy Candy Maker Kit will never leave us wanting for sweet gelatinous goodness ever again. Sure, it’s a working kitchen product perhaps “ideally” tailored toward the creative fun kids can have making their own treats in the kitchen, but ours are just going to have to learn to share it, damn it.

The Gummy Candy Maker starts off your confectionary career with three included delicious recipes to tempt your tastebuds. The molds make up to 22 bears, seven snakes and nine fish in a single batch. Start by preparing your ingredients, melting your gelatin, and filling the moulds. Fill the lower trays with ice, place the candy moulds on top, and finally pop the candies right out once they harden.

Why stop there, though? This Gummy Candy Maker kit includes an oversized mould to make a gigantic gummy bear for your smaller sweets to fear and worship!

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